E-Store Dynamo Package [Implementation-One Time]


 One-time setup fee for E-Store Dynamo Package

  • Zing Street & Zing Street X-Press Store Setup
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Shipping Option Configuration
  • Home Page Feature on Zingstreet.com
  • Zing Street Facebook Page Showcases
  • Community Sharing
  • Video Highlights Across Platforms
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Invest in your online success with our E-Store Dynamo Package, a one-time setup fee to kickstart your E-Store Dynamo Package

  • Zing Street & Zing Street X-Press Store Setup:
    • We’ll establish your online store on both Zing Street and Zing Street X-Press Bangkok Managed Store, providing a comprehensive e-commerce presence.
  • Facebook Page Management:
    • Enjoy the convenience of having your Facebook page managed with two posts every week to maintain a consistent online presence.
  • Shipping Option Configuration:
    • We’ll configure multiple shipping options on Zing Street, including Flash, Kerry, Grab Bike, and Cold Shipping by Inter Express, ensuring a seamless and flexible delivery experience for your customers.
  • Home Page Feature on Zingstreet.com:
    •  Secure a prominent spot on the Zingstreet.com home page, guiding visitors to explore your store and its featured products effortlessly.
  • Zing Street Facebook Page Showcases:
    •  Two weekly posts on the Zing Street Facebook page, showcasing your store and its products our audience.
  • Community Sharing:
    • Extend your reach by sharing posts in relevant Facebook groups, fostering connections and expanding your audience base within diverse communities.
  • Video Highlights Across Platforms:
    •  Add a dynamic touch with one video post each Month on Zing Street TikTok, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, enhancing your brand’s visibility through captivating video content.