Digital Impact Pro Max [Implementation-One Time]


One-time setup fee for Digital Impact Pro Max Package

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Zing Street & Zing Street X-Press Store Setup
  • Shipping Options Configuration
  • Home Page Feature
  • Zing Street Facebook Page Showcases
  • Community Sharing
  • Product Promotion Across Platforms
  • Free WordPress Web Hosting:
  • AI Chatbot and Blog Management
  • Multi-Lingual Site with Translation Services
  • Monthly Analytics Report
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Take your digital impact to the next level with Digital Impact Pro Max, an all-inclusive one-time setup package designed to revolutionize your online presence.

  • WordPress Website Development:
    • Unleash the potential of a custom WordPress website on your own domain, seamlessly integrated with a direct link to your Zing Street Store for a unified and engaging online experience.
  • Facebook Page Management:
    • Elevate your social media game with our expert management of your Facebook page, featuring two posts every week to consistently engage your audience.
  • Zing Street & Zing Street X-Press Store Setup:
    • Establish a robust e-commerce presence with store setups on both Zing Street and Zing Street X-Press Bangkok, providing extensive reach and accessibility.
  • Shipping Options Configuration:
    • Streamline your shipping process with options like Flash, Kerry, Grab Bike, and Cold Shipping by Inter Express configured on Zing Street.
  • Home Page Feature:
    • Secure a prime spot on the home page of Zing Street, directing visitors to explore your store and its featured products seamlessly.
  • Zing Street Facebook Page Showcases:
    • Engage a wider audience with twice-weekly posts on the Zing Street Page, featuring your store and its products prominently.
  • Community Sharing:
    • Expand your reach by actively sharing posts in relevant Facebook groups, cultivating connections within diverse communities.
  • Product Promotion Across Platforms:
    • Enhance your product visibility with one impactful product post every week on Zing Street TikTok, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Free WordPress Web Hosting:
    • Enjoy worry-free hosting with complimentary WordPress web hosting included, ensuring both reliability and security for your website.
  • AI Chatbot and Blog Management:
    • Boost user engagement with an AI Chatbot, along with expertly crafted blog management, including four posts per month with SEO optimization.
  • Multi-Lingual Site with Translation Services:
    • Expand your global reach with a multi-lingual site, and for seamless translations, we offer additional outsourcing services. This service is outsourced and will have additional cost.
  • Monthly Analytics Report:
    • ¬†Gain valuable insights into your online performance with a monthly analytics report, providing a detailed breakdown for informed decision-making.

Digital Impact Pro Max is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking an all-encompassing digital presence, featuring cutting-edge features and expert management to propel your brand forward.